Event Hall Rentals in the West Palm Beach Area…

So you're looking for somewhere around West Palm Beach that can host your special event?


Well, it can be hard to figure out what's going to work for you – after all, venues come in all shapes and sizes. The type of event one venue is perfect for may not even work at a similar venue; believe us, we've seen it happen.


Some people need a space for a concert, and they hold it in a wedding hall.

Some people need a space for a wedding, and they hold it in a concert hall.


Some people just need to throw a reception.

Some people just want to throw a party.

Some people just need space for a corporate event.


There's just not that many places in the West Palm Beach area (or in all of South Florida, really) that could accommodate all these types of events under one roof, until now.


And what if you want a place with personality?

A place steeped in the local culture?

A place with a history of the arts?

A place that has seen just about everything you can imagine happen right here in between our walls?


There's only place in the West Palm Beach area you're thinking of, and it's The Kelsey Theater.



Why We Are THE Palm Beach Event Venue...

It's simple – because of the flexibility in our venue space.


We have a number of different venue setups, and each of them can easily host a range of different events. In fact, we can handle a small intimate reception to a standing room only celebration with the most flexible space in the West Palm Beach area – which means for a lot of people with bigger families in West Palm Beach, we might be the only wedding venue that can host your collected relatives, Whether you want to or not is a different question.


Are you tired of venues telling you what you can and cannot do? Not here. We can bring your idea to life, no matter how outlandish. Zombie party, high-end politician fundraisers, reptile conventions, elegant bourbon dinner pairings, movie premieres, comic book conventions, award ceremonies, a camel birthday party… Yes, we have done all of that and more.


It doesn't matter if you need to host just a few people or hundreds, The Kelsey Theater was specifically constructed to accommodate any such requests. To understand why, you'd have to delve into the history of the Kelsey itself.



An Event Hall With Real History...

When you throw an event, are you looking for four walls? Or are you really looking for a location? Somewhere that can host you and can tell a story. Remember, whatever it is you're trying to communicate with your event, human beings communicate through a lot more than just the words they speak.


The Kelsey Theater was first built as an indie film house and rock music venue, but over the years has morphed into so much more than that. It's turned into the critical apex of the art scene in our area, pulling the entire downtown neighborhood around it up into a thriving, vibrant artistic center. The Kelsey Theater was legendary for being where everyone came to enjoy cultural constants in our society – from the working class to the wealthy.


The stories that have unfolded in these walls have shaped entire cultural moments, and the Kelsey has become about precisely that: cultural.


This isn't just an event venue.

This is a cultural hub.


And culture encompasses a whole range of things.

In fact, more importantly, it enriches a whole range of things.


That's why the Kelsey has been so focused on making sure our spaces can accommodate any kind of culture, be they:


  • Live music shows

  • Comedy shows

  • Movie premieres

  • Weddings

  • Retirement parties

  • Sweet 16 parties 

  • Birthday parties

  • Coming of age celebrations

  • Corporate events

  • Niche cultural conventions

  • And many more


Because all these things are culture, and they're what give The Kelsey Theater it's lifeblood...

And more importantly, they give the events itself the historical charge that nowhere else in the area can replicate.


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Kelsey Wedding
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Why Pick The Kelsey Theater over Other West Palm Beach Wedding Locations?

The question isn't why would you...

The question is: why have so many others?

And it's not a difficult question to answer.

We offer several options for the lucky couples who decide to have their wedding at The Kelsey Theater… Something elegant? Something simple? Something wild? Our venue is a blank canvas and we can help you create exactly what you want.


Remember – every wedding is different.

In fact, we're far from the only ones to think that the wedding venue you choose is the most important decision you can make for your big day. Just look at this write-up from A Practical Wedding.


Are you looking for a simple, pared down ceremony and nothing more?

Or are you looking to make use of our ample space for a full reception, complete with all the classy drinks you can imagine?

How many places in the West Palm Beach area can you really say have the room and inventory to be called a banquet hall? Because that's just what the Kelsey has waiting for you.


More than that, we can almost guarantee that when you go with us, we'll be one of the most affordable wedding venues in Palm Beach County. To put it bluntly – we give the best deals on our wedding packages of anybody in the West Palm Beach area. For decades, we've priced our space below the others because we want to do everything we can to live up to our values and supply the people of Palm Beach County with an affordable cultural hub.


If you want a traditional South Florida beachfront wedding, we probably are not a good fit. You can find that pretty much anywhere here in South Florida. Instead, we offer something different. Or, have the best of both worlds with an outdoor ceremony and a killer reception with us without having to worry about our notorious inclement Florida weather.


Weddings are a huge part of our culture – so we want yours at the Kelsey, where so many seminal cultural moments have transpired over the years. When you use The Kelsey Theater as your wedding venue, your marriage is entering the cultural canon alongside the performance of thousands of nationwide figures – it's occupying the same physical and cultural space as internationally famous musicians, comedians, and artists who all shared the same room with you at different points over the decades.


There are a lot of wedding reception venues in Palm Beach County but none of them have that unique combination of attributes that makes The Kelsey Theater so special and the perfect wedding reception, ceremony and banquet venue for one of the most important days of your life.


What About Other Venue Rentals?

So you're not looking to get married anytime soon, but you do love the idea of coming together with like-minded people to share a common interest?


That's the bedrock of culture, and we work tirelessly to give you the venue space to do just that – just because The Kelsey Theater was originally made to house musicians and other artists performing to thousands doesn't mean it isn't perfect for you too.


In fact, here's an insiders tip for you – event venues that made their name hosting large events like music concerts are perfect for all sorts of other purposes, and it's not just because you know they have the space to host you.


It's because we've already spent tens of thousands of dollars on the audio and visual equipment that can give your event the extra kick it needs. We're not just renting you some space with 4 walls; our venue rentals go beyond anything else in Palm Beach County, with a huge stage, professional sound equipment ready to go, movie screen, and the sort of customizable lighting a stage needs if it's going to become infamous for live music like The Kelsey Theater has.


We offer it all to you, so whatever your event is, it can get off the ground smoothly at the most impressive and affordable event space rental spots in Palm Beach County. We offer it all, and it's all customizable to you – making your stress when picking out venue space almost non-existent. If you need any extra help, we like to recommend this video for just what you need to be on the lookout for when booking event space:


And remember – when you rent out venue space at The Kelsey Theater, you're entering your event right into the heart of a cultural movement that's been rolling in these walls for decades. That history and that culture has never failed to add a richness and a weight to every event we've ever had hosted here, and it's why so many of those people come back to rent our event halls again.


So, are you ready to host your event at The Kelsey Theater? Contact us, we can't wait to hear from you!

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