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Nerdlesque: A Unique Take on Live Burlesque

Updated: May 4, 2018

Photo Credit: Nathan Carter/Victor Voyeur Photography for Big Bang Boom Cabaret, Orlando FL

When many people think of burlesque, they might immediately conjure up images of the 2010 movie “Burlesque” starring Christina Aguilera and Cher or even the famed Las Vegas show Absinthe (a must-see if you’re ever in Vegas). If you look up the meaning of burlesque you’ll find it described as a "variety show that often includes striptease," but it's SO MUCH MORE! Think raunchy comedy filled with tantalizing performers of all types and sizes. You can’t help but come out of a show feeling empowered, enlightened and a bit wicked. That's why the Kelsey is very excited to have Ruby Tesla back on stage to present the "Player One Peep Show" on June 9, 2018.

I exchanged some emails with Ruby Tesla, performer extraordinaire and producer of this brand-new, never-before-seen show, to talk about burlesque and what the audience might experience during the performance.

"The tagline for the show is 'A Burlesque Show for Gamers' but I think people who don't play video games will have a lot to enjoy about it too," said Ruby. "A good nerdlesque act, to me, should have great details and easter eggs for people who are fans of the source material, but also stand alone as an enjoyable burlesque act to those who don't get the references. When casting, I keep that in mind. I also think it's really important to have diverse representation on stage when it comes to performance style, body type, ethnicity, and a ton of other factors. There truly is something for everyone in this show and I cannot wait to reveal what we've got cooking."

Neither can we Ruby!

Ruby has been performing burlesque since 2013 and performs nationally at venues from New York City, to New Orleans, even Alaska. But in Florida, she explained, “the burlesque scene is highly collaborative and encourages creativity from everyone.” Although Ruby started out in traditional burlesque she gravitated toward performing neo-burlesque shows that could include anything from classic striptease to modern dance to mini-dramas to comedic mayhem. Here’s a few photos from previous Ruby Tesla shows along with performers that will be featured at the upcoming Player One Peep Show:

Photo Credits (top left to right): Miss Cherry Mae, Ruby Tesla, Sofia Luna, Dyce Photography, Angryduck Productions, Chris Bishop Photography


Player One Peep Show tickets are on sale now - with two times to choose from! Click here to reserve your spot before they sell out. This is an adults only show so 18 and older only please.

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