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4th Anniversary Block Party a Success

Updated: May 25, 2018

String Assassins Performing at the Kelsey Theater During the 4th Anniversary Block Party -- Photo Credit: Robin Lance

This past Saturday, The Kelsey Theater and The Brewhouse Gallery hosted their 4th Anniversary Block Party to celebrate all the goodness that has developed in the Lake Park Arts District. With more than 2500 people in attendance, 14 bands on 3 stages, an incredible selection of craft beers, a mega mural unveiling and lots of community vendors, May 12th was a busy day.

Music was a huge part of the event and included several local bands, such as: Neverglades, Rogue Theory, The String Assassins, Summer Gill, Brett Staska, Raised By Wolves, Nate Ginnity, Xander James, Fern Street , The Bside Band, Yardij, JEPHTHEmusic, Oddessey and Grey & Orange.

The annual event is not only a fundraiser to support Kelsey Cares and their ongoing projects (such as the alley mural), but a friendraiser for the community at large. “Thanks to all of our patrons for coming out and making this something special,” shared AJ Brockman. “We would also like to thank the entire staff, volunteers, and everyone that was involved in making this block party happen. There are too many to list, but you know who you are, and I could not do it without each of you.”

Although the the fundraising goal for the mural project fell short, the Brockman family and team still consider the event to be a big success. AJ explained that despite the lower than expected donations, the mural will continue to evolve and flourish as one of the largest, continual murals in South Florida. They’re not giving up, and neither should supporters. Plans are already underway for 2019.

And don’t forget that their projects extend beyond the mural. A big part of what they do is providing grants to support local visual and performing artists.

To continue to support Kelsey Cares, visit

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