The Kelsey Theater was nominated as a top-three finalist in The Palm Beach Post 2020 "best of" concert venues for all of Palm Beach County. We are the only independently owned and operated venue to receive this community choice award!


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Our mission is to be a place where the community by large can experience the finest in music, burlesque shows, live reggae music, cabarets, comedy and various other performing arts alongside conventions, weddings and more.

Located in the heart of a budding art district and downtown corridor with a rich history. We are known for showcasing national talent and offer one of the most intimate venues in all of South Florida.

We love the idea of coming together with like-minded people to share a common interest.


That's the bedrock of culture, and we work tirelessly to give you the venue space to do just that.

Venues come in all shapes and sizes and we think the Kelsey is pretty unique and perfect for any event including weddings, corporate functions, parties, receptions, conferences and more.

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What is the Kelsey Theater?


No, it's not just a music venue for live bands or comedy club.

It's the community hangout that's more important than ever.


In the age of smartphones, we all need places where we can go and enjoy real things like live reggae music with real people.

Built on the legacy of West Palm Beach's legendary underground arts scene, we at the Kelsey are all about making sure that we're giving you just that.


The Kelsey in Palm Beach County FL is where you can pick up your friends and head to something you can all see, right in front of you, live.


  • Live music

  • Live bands

  • Live comedy

  • Live shows

  • Drinks

  • Laughs

  • All in West Palm Beach, Well Lake Park be exact

Check out what we have comping up soon on our events page.


More Than Just a Live Music Venue For Live Bands in Palm Beach County...


Music venues couldn't be more important – but the Kelsey's about more than just being a live music venue or comedy club. This is a community cultural hub, and we want the community to think of us at the premiere place they can head for their entertainment.


Sure – we have movie screenings, but we're not just some movie theater.

Sure – we have burlesque dinner shows and cabaret shows

Sure – we have live reggae music

Sure – we have comedians, but we're not just some comedy club.

Sure – we have blues nights, but we're not just some blues club.

Sure – we have live music, but we're not just some music venue.


We're the place you can always go to see what's happening in South Florida!

That's what sets us apart from other bars with live music and comedy shows near Palm Beach County.

We're about all the arts, and we're about making sure you have access to them.

But it's not just about the performing arts, either.

We're always trying to branch out, into all the new forms of art you could imagine.


Because with us, it's about culture.


More Than Just a Live Music Bar in the West Palm Beach Area...


To get why the Kelsey Theater is focused on culture, you have to understand the area.

Located right downtown in our budding arts district, this area is finally starting to represent what South Florida was hungry for.


Along with being a comedy club, we host various genres of music including live reggae bands, and live country concerts. 


Unlike other major South Florida cities with live music, burlesque shows, cabarets, concert venues, and comedy shows. Lake Park is different.

Sometimes in the past, it's felt like you couldn't throw a rock without hitting bars with live music – and we'll get to why in a minute.

That's where The Kelsey Theater found it's first life.

We were first launched with two original points of focus: live bands, and indie films.

It didn't take long for The Kelsey Theater to become a focal point in the burgeoning South Florida arts scene. In fact, there was a thirst for the arts greater than anybody had ever imagined – and Kelsey was there to satiate that first, more so than all the other live music bar.

Why? Because this area has always been interested in the arts. Palm Beach County has always been home to both the wealthy and the working class, and this is the dynamic that gave artists the energy to serve both these kinds of people. The arts are how everybody in this neighborhood could come together.

Formally known as Kelsey City, This town used to be home to the working class and was a mecca to the well-off who loved the arts. That's what both kickstarted a cultural movement and highlighted it.

That's the energy that birthed The Kelsey Theater. And just because the area is called Lake Park now doesn't mean that that isn't exactly the energy that The Kelsey Theatre is still about. And we're dedicated to bringing that energy back.

What's so Unique About The Kelsey Theater?


Beyond all the history? We're no longer just one of the bars with live music, and we're no longer just an indie film house. This is a community based theater, and we're the only indoor concert venue that can fit 500 people between Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale.


We're all about making each and every show the very best it can be. Come for a burlesque or comedy show? Our bistro-style seating certainly helps bring on the laughs. Come for live music? Our precisely calibrated speaker and lighting set-up are second to no other live music venue. We offer both the grand and the intimate – whether you want to be one with the crowd or feel like the artist is right there in your face.


But don't worry, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same things you enjoy so much at other live music bars. Whether you're enjoying live music in our concert venue or an open mic night next door at The Brewhouse Gallery, anyone can relax with our range of domestic beers, craft beers & concessions.

A Comedy Club and Concert Venue For the Artists...


The Kelsey Theater may be in Lake Park, but that doesn't mean we're just focused on our neighborhood. While we're absolutely dedicated to nurturing local talent, we also provide a much-needed showcase for the people who are gaining steam across the country. If you're considering performing at The Kelsey Theater, you should know we offer a huge stage and a fully stocked green room for you to prep anything from live reggae music to comedy shows.


Basically, we want you. We want to be your concert venue, your  comedy club, your favorite performing spot of all the bars with live music. We want to be your place in Palm Beach County, so we can show you off to the people of South Florida.


A Convention Center for the Arts, With Burlesque Shows, Live Reggae Music, and More!


With this huge space, we know full well it would be selfish to only focus on things like live bands, burlesque shows, cabarets, live reggae music, and comedy shows. After all, we weren't kidding when we said we always want to make sure we stand out from all the other live music bar – this is an artistic community center first, and everything else second.


That's why we put this space to use hosting all sorts of things you might expect, inviting communities to come together and enjoy their chosen interest together. Whether that's comic books, indoor green markets, or any of a thousand other things – our doors are open, and all you have to do is reach out. Give us a call – we want to host you!

A Unique Rental Space to Make Your Own...


Maybe you have your own vision and want to bring your next event here to our historic theater? 

We entertain everything including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, product launches, corporate retreats, fundraising events, indoor animal expos and almost anything you can dream up.

You can handle all the details yourself, or partner with our stellar team of event managers to bring your vision to life. Take a look at what we have coming up by visiting our events venue rental page.


A Live Concert Venue You'll Never Forget...


The Kelsey Theater has never been like other live music venues, and we're proud to keep that ethos alive and well.


It's a venue for live bands, it's a comedy club, it's the artistic heart of Lake Park, it's the hub for artists both young and old, and we plan to keep making it bigger and better. While The Kelsey Theater might be hidden away in a building you might never guess housed these many decades of Florida artistic history, we know that our reputation, our facilities, and our roots in this community make this an institution that will always be a cut above other music venues.


Don't fight the crowds of West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, Miami and other huge South Florida metropolitan areas when you can see the nations leading acts right here. Plus, free parking.


That's why you need to come visit The Kelsey Theater in Palm Beach county today, so you can see for yourself what's drawn crowds and musicians to events like our live reggae concerts and comedy shows for all these years.

We'll be waiting!

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